Spirited performance, from 10 April, 2012, of an adaptation of Rzewski’s COMING TOGETHER (1972) for eight to ten unspecified performers, who include voice and an instrument that can play a bass line – the composer calls for bass guitar usually doubled on piano or electric keyboard. Our version was altered to fit an eleven-member band (plus live sound, page turners and audio/video documentation) for the UNIVERSITY OF LETHBRIDGE ELECTROACOUSTIC ENSEMBLE.  The Electroacoustic Ensemble is a gesture-based, computer-intensive, student ensemble building on traditional performance and compositional practices, as well as experimenting with new instrumentalities, creating new performance paradigms and exploring a potential for increased musical expressivity through technology. Although the staging and resources of COMING TOGETHER closely resemble a ‘chamber music’ composition – with the addition of a couple of laptop computers and loudspeakers, the preceding music of the concert featured original student compositions and improvisations with a large variety of gesture-controlled technologies.

Rebecca Holmes
Braden Alexander

Bass Line
Brendan Brow, piano
Adam Lefaivre, electric guitar

The Band
Shauna Gregus, WX7 wind controller
Branden Hamilton, electric guitar
Mathew Hellawell, drum kit
Curtis Litchfield, turning pages
Jon Martin, iPad
Scott Mezei, timpani
Jordan Nickorick, didgeridoo
Jesse Northey, accordion
Chunyat Wong, turning pages

D. Andrew Stewart, conductor

Live sound
Matthew Cameron
Tugrul Rahimoglu
Calvin Shiu

Video Recording
Calvin Shiu

Audio Recording
Wayne Young

Author: dndrew

Orchestral, chamber and interactive music composer Digital musical instrumentalist Real-time software systems designer Computer music educator

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