Yamaha DTX900K Electronic Drum Kit: Recording Tutorial

by Michelle Mandy

In this tutorial, I will show you how to record your performance on the DTX900K along with a user song. Recording can be done with any of the user songs (you can’t record your performance to preset songs). To capture the feel of an actual drum performance, the DTX900K provides only real-time recording, allowing you to record the MIDI data as it’s played.


1) In drum kit mode, select your desired drum kit.

2) Press the SONG button to enter the song mode. Press the F1 button to access the song play menu.

3) Press the F6 ‘kit-lock’ button so that the ‘L’ indicator appears at the top right of the display. This step is necessary because selecting a song may change the selected drum kit.

4) Select a user song to be recorded by using the INC/YES and DEC/ NO buttons and the option dial. Make sure to select a user song that doesn’t contain any data. The song must also not indicate “TR1” and “TR2” on the display. Each user song contains two tracks available for recording, but recording can only be done to one track at a time.

5) Press the REC button to access the REC standby display.

6) Set the type mode to ‘replace’ by using the INC/YES and DEC/NO buttons and option dial. When ‘overdub’ is selected as the recording type in the REC standby menu instead of ‘replace’, loop recording is enabled, allowing you to add more performance data to a track that already contains data.

7) Move the cursor to the ‘track’ option to select the track to be recorded.

8) Turn on CLICK ON if you want to use the click track.

9) Press the PLAY/STOP button to start recording.

10) Recording will stop automatically when the last measure is reached (if you specified measure length in the song play menu). You can stop recording at any time in the song by pressing the PLAY/STOP button. Press the PLAY/STOP button to hear the newly recorded song.

11) Overdubbing: Use overdub recording when you want to add more data to a track that already contains data. The overdub recording procedure is almost the same as the replace procedure except that the record type is set to ‘overdub’ and you need to press the PLAY/STOP button when you want to stop recording. When the song reaches the end of the last measure, it will automatically start again from the beginning and new data will be added to the track’s previous data.


Author: dndrew

Orchestral, chamber and interactive music composer Digital musical instrumentalist Real-time software systems designer Computer music educator

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