Yamaha DTX900K

By Joel Bhaskaran

The DTX series by Yamaha is its electronic drum kit machine to imitate acoustic drums. The 900K is one other flagship kit of this series right behind the 950K. The kit boasts the evolutionary Yamaha DTX pads which the company created to allow drummers to really feel as though on an acoustic kit with all the fun and flexibility of the same. The head of the DTX pads are filled with air bubbles of a size and density that have been carefully arrayed to provide a feel that actually replicates stick rebound on a real kit. These bubbles also act as a cushion when the drum is hit, so that drummers can play for extended periods of time without worrying about arm or wrist pain. Simply put the pad encourages drummers to practice and play more, reaping the benefits of a drum that really feels great.



Along with the pads the 900K also maintains the impressive PCY 135 cymbals with similar DTX pad technology and both the cymbals and the pads offer a 3-zone range for drummers. The cymbals stand out with their bow, bell and edge range hits and for the pads they replicate the 3-zone range which is the head, rim shot and rim hits. For realistic affect the cymbals have the choke effect as though muting real cymbals and to add realistic customization to the kit, the snare and tom pads have a tuning knob that replicates adding tension and pressure to a skin.

The DTX 900k all functions with the use of the DTX900k brain known for its versatility and customization to the user’s preferences.

The brain houses all of the kit’s functions and controls including MIDI and individual dtx900k3customization for each pad. Not only does the DTX900 contain the sounds of Yamaha’s major acoustic drums, the Oak Custom, Birch Custom, and Maple Custom Absolute, it also contains new drum and percussion sounds recorded by Yamaha’s engineers. The XA (Expanded Articulation) system creates natural snare rolls and is accurately recreated to the finest detail of feel in a Hi-Hat or ride cymbal.
The DTX900’s effects enable you to create the original sounds that you want. These effects include reverb, chorus, 9 types of master effects, and 51 types of variation effects.
In addition, you can add original sounds to a drum kit and perform with them by transferring audio data (WAV and AIFF files) from USB flash memory or by directly sampling signals received through the AUX IN/SAMPLING IN connector.

Using the brain, users can switch output of the kit to a full 8 channel output or just a stereo output. For better performance, drummers can use the click track function to track and maintain their timing and play along to a library of instrumental tracks ranging from genres such as rock, funk and jazz.  One new function the DTX houses in the click mode function is the groove check setting. This is acts as an educational experience for the drummer. Groove check essentially acts as a time control mechanism that reads how behind or in front of the click the drummer is playing and reads it onto the screen display. MIDI drums can also be recorded into a DAW for further editing capabilities.

The brain also has the function to track, record and playback whatever the user plays by using the record function.


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