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Creating Sounds in ES P (Logic Pro X)

By Jon Martin Overview In this post, you will learn about how the parameters in the ES P virtual instrument in Logic Pro X can be used to shape a synthesized sound. Before beginning, confirm that your speakers or headphones … Continue reading

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Ugliness and the Coloration of Digital Sound

By Matt Rederburg Things can be beautiful when they begin to fall apart. It is no secret that many of us find unpredictability a very musical thing. Most like it in small doses. Many styles of rock n’ roll are … Continue reading

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Integrating the Piano into an Electronic Soundscape

By Carey-Lyn Holt Adding an acoustic element, in this case a piano, to an ensemble that is primarily made up of electronic instruments is rewarding but it also presents challenges. It is rewarding because it adds a sense of depth to … Continue reading

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Electric Guitar: Delving Beyond Just 6 Strings

By Richard Charlton Even within the bounds of conventional playing, the timbre of each individual guitar player’s tone varies vastly more than the players of any other instrument. While any instrument’s timbre can widely vary depending on things like material, … Continue reading

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Electroacoustic Music and Pure Expression

By Owen Campeau Composition is an art form that is constantly in flux, constantly changing and reshaping itself. Composition can be influenced by the past, present and future equally. It is one of the greatest art forms because it is … Continue reading

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Yamaha DTX900K

By Joel Bhaskaran The DTX series by Yamaha is its electronic drum kit machine to imitate acoustic drums. The 900K is one other flagship kit of this series right behind the 950K. The kit boasts the evolutionary Yamaha DTX pads … Continue reading

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Composing with a DAW vs Traditional Notation Software

By Jordan Berg As a composition major, I find that in order to best realize my ideas, I must use several different methods of composition as I develop my project. I compose with an instrument, I compose using traditional notation … Continue reading

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