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Composing with a DAW vs Traditional Notation Software

By Jordan Berg As a composition major, I find that in order to best realize my ideas, I must use several different methods of composition as I develop my project. I compose with an instrument, I compose using traditional notation … Continue reading

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Composing for Integra Contemporary Electroacoustic Ensemble

by Morgan Krause Composing for the Integra Contemporary Electroacoustic Ensemble can be a great challenge when you consider the diverse interests of the members. The group can have people who are very skilled in electronic applications and computer music, people … Continue reading

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Jordan Nobles speaks at the STUDENT COMPOSERS’ FORUM

During Jordan Nobles’ visit to Lethbridge, we asked him to tell us more about his musical background, his compositions and current projects. He agreed to speak at our STUDENT COMPOSERS’ FORUM. We find an interesting musical tension in his ‘open … Continue reading

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A Consideration of Starting: Beginning Some Meanings

by Tomas Morante As contemporary composers we are often faced with duelling and often conflicting ideas and impulses when we consider our objectives and motivations for writing/producing a piece of music. I make note of the fact that we are … Continue reading

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