WAVES by Rolf Boon

Last April, 2015, Integra Contemporary & Electroacoustics presented their final event of the academic year, entitled Traffic & Waves. Our concert showcased the hard work (compositions and developed improvisations) of the members of the ensemble: Digital Audio Arts students from the University of Lethbridge. In addition, we included Steve Reich’s Clapping Music, Tines Quartet by Jeff Morton and importantly, we interpreted Rolf Boon’s WAVES, which we present in this video.

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Performance of IN C by Terry Riley

Spirited performance, from 20 April, 2013, of Terry Riley’s IN C for a “group of about 35” unspecified performers (Riley, 1964). Riley suggested that a metrical pulse could be maintained throughout (e.g., repeating music pitch ‘C’). Listen for the C, which is performed in an alternating pattern between piano and MIDI keyboard. Our version was altered to fit a nineteen-member band (plus live sound and audio/video documentation) for the UNIVERSITY OF LETHBRIDGE ELECTROACOUSTIC ENSEMBLE.