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Electroacoustic Music and Pure Expression

By Owen Campeau Composition is an art form that is constantly in flux, constantly changing and reshaping itself. Composition can be influenced by the past, present and future equally. It is one of the greatest art forms because it is … Continue reading

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WAVES by Rolf Boon

Last April, 2015, Integra Contemporary & Electroacoustics presented their final event of the academic year, entitled Traffic & Waves. Our concert showcased the hard work (compositions and developed improvisations) of the members of the ensemble: Digital Audio Arts students from … Continue reading

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by Loïc Zev As much as we might have learned about compressors, reverb, plug-ins, quantization, etc, it is important to answer a question that is simple yet vital to any producer of music — what is it that makes a … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself How to Play Every Instrument

by Graham Trudeau To start with a controversial statement; playing an instrument is fun, and provides valuable cultural and intellectual connections. Strangely, a similar premium is not placed on the ability to learn multiple instruments. I’d suggest that the value … Continue reading

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Performance of Simulacrum by J. Nobles

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Analyzing the Nature of Music

by Oliver King (guest contributor from MUSI2500 – Introduction to Music Technology) The nature of music is a complex topic, primarily due to the exceptional variety of sounds, genres, and subjective notions of what music is. Music is not just … Continue reading

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Jordan Nobles speaks at the STUDENT COMPOSERS’ FORUM

During Jordan Nobles’ visit to Lethbridge, we asked him to tell us more about his musical background, his compositions and current projects. He agreed to speak at our STUDENT COMPOSERS’ FORUM. We find an interesting musical tension in his ‘open … Continue reading

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